What Sets Our Specialty Pharmacies Apart From The Rest? 

BioSpine Management has taken a different approach to what has been the standard in the pharmaceutical distribution industry. Physicians take priority in our business and we show that by providing them with the products, education and information they need to achieve the best patient outcome.

BioSpine Management is a leading national sales, marketing and management organization for specialty pharmaceuticals. With our proven process we continue to stay on top of the changes in the market regarding products, insurance coverage and customer satisfaction. 



  • Professional patient experience that starts as soon as the prescription is received and continues through the course of therapy


  • ​Pharmacies goal is to not create extra work for office staff by taking care of all pre-authorizations and questions insurance companies may have

  • Next day delivery at no additional charge

  • Access to hundreds of formularies to meet the needs of all patients

  • Customized prescriptions pads for providers

  • Highest adjudication rate in the industry (85-90% Commercial Insurance) 

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