Why are our pharmacies successful when others have failed?
Why trust your business with BioSpine Management?


  • Local retail/specialty pharmacies with access to thousands of medications/products. 


  • Master product list that is updated weekly containing hundreds of NDC's/products to maintain high adjudication rates with the insurance companies. ​


  • Personal touch for every patient. Each patient is individually contacted via telephone to discuss prescription/process and risks/benefits


  • We handle all physician pre-authorizations. 


  • We have several programs to minimize co-payment cost. In most cases the patient receives the medication for no out of pocket expense. 


  • Pharmacies licensed in many states with free delivery service. 


  • Follow-ups with patients are done within 3-5 days to check satisfaction of the prescription and advise on the prescribed course of therapy. 


  • 24hr a day monitored fax line for night prescriptions/refills.


  • We accept all insurances.  

Bottom line, we succeed because we have superior customer service and we know how the insurance companies work. With these two aspects alone we stand above all other pharmacies, but with the other items mentioned above we continue to have better fill rates and higher patient satisfaction than the competition.
White-glove service is how we conduct business. 


We understand that many physicians have been disappointed by specialty pharmacies in the past.  The reason for this is the large disconnect of the pharmacies providing what is important, which is service to the patient. This is not how we do business and we never will. 

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